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Your experiences with online shopping - Videointerview

Test leider verpasst


Do you like searching or browsing for secondhand items online? Have you bought anything online in the past two weeks? We want your input!

Videochat with us from the comfort of your own home or office and tell us about your experience with online shopping. As a thank you, you will receive a CHF 30.– Coop gift card.

We have interview times on the following dates:
- Thursday 30.1.2020 diverse times (1 hour duration)
- Friday 31.1.2020 diverse times (1 hour duration)
- Saturday 1.2.2020 diverse times (1 hour duration)

For the study you will need a device with a microphone and camera, as well as a stable internet connection that's fast enough for video conferencing. You should also have a quiet space where you won't be interrupted. If we invite you, we'll give you detailed instructions.

Sign up now by answering the following questions and let us know all the times in which you'd be available! We will get in touch asap to confirm and clarify the details.

To make sure you receive our messages, make sure the PUX Usability Lab ([email protected]) is whitelisted or check your Testerpool messages regularly.

We're looking forward to your reply!

NOTE: If you are a NATIVE (SWISS-)GERMAN speaker, please sign up for the German version of this test, "Deine Erfahrungen beim Online-Einkauf - Videotelefonat". The conversations can be conducted in German or English.

Benötigtes Geschlecht:


Benötigtes Alter:

18 - 100 (± 20 %)

Required spoken language:

German, English

Benötigte Eigenschaften:

Es werden weitere Eigenschaften benötigt. Diese werden bei der Anmeldung abgefragt.


Die Anweisungen werden dir angezeigt, wenn du dich erfolgreich für diesen Test angemeldet hast.