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Feedback Carousel: Help us improve our shopping platform

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Help us improve our platform and sign up for our Feedback Carousels.

What are the Feedback Carousels about?
- 5 users test/feedback 5 areas of our platform
- Each user starts with one of these 5 areas
- After about 15 minutes, the users rotate to the next area
- Format is similar to the concept of "speed dating"

According to the motto "think out loud" you will be guided through the sessions. As a thank you you will receive a 30€ voucher for "Wunschgutschein" per carousel. In total there will be two carousels.

Below you can find all information at a glance:
- What: Feedback Carousel
- Where: Online via Google Meet
- Duration: Approx. 1.5 hours
- Device: Laptop + Mobile phone
- Language: English
- App: Google Meet
- Carousel 1: Wednesday 11.08., 11.00 to 12.45
- Carousel 2: Thursday 19.08., 11.00 to 12.45
- Payment: 30€ voucher for "Wunschgutschein" per Carousel (2 in total), will be sent after successful participation in each case

To ensure that the test can take place as undisturbed as possible, please make sure that you find a quiet environment at home where you feel comfortable.

(!) Please only apply if you are sure to have time on the dates mentioned. (!)

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Benötigtes Geschlecht:


Benötigtes Alter:

25 - 55 (± 20 %)

Required spoken language:


Benötigte Eigenschaften:

Es werden weitere Eigenschaften benötigt. Diese werden bei der Anmeldung abgefragt.




Die Anweisungen werden dir angezeigt, wenn du dich erfolgreich für diesen Test angemeldet hast.